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Welcome to the New Era

Melbourne Me hiding behind my trusty mini-laptopcertainly gave us a natural fireworks show last night and, with a crack of thunder and a spark of lightening, washed away the last vestiges of 2009. Hello 2010! I hope you will be a year (and the start of a whole new shiny decade) to remember.

January 1st seems like a fitting time to start a proper blog around these traps. It was a year ago today that I decided to take StyleMelbourne (semi) seriously and try to publish a little something every day. So “Ta Da”! Here we are.

In saying goodbye to the last decade in fashion I happily say goodbye to hideously unflattering harem pants, crocs, over-sized sunnies and gauche handbags and to wearing ugg boots and leggings as pants out of the comfort of our own homes. I’m pleased to say I dodged those sartorial bullets though succumbed to the sparkle of sequins, dressed down blazers and opaque stockings under everything. I guess I’m not too tainted.

After the sporty streamlined minimalism of the late 90’s, the noughties saw boho, 80’s cross 50’s dressing, gladiator sandals, abuse of the terms “designer” and “eco” and a time where luxury lost its lustre. There were wonderful things too. Men became more interested in what they want to wear, in response to a massive disposable clothing industry a “slow fashion” movement is on the rise, the industry became more democratic due to the influence of fashion bloggers and thank you style gods for advances in online shopping and Project Runway.

Some things I think we will take with us for better or worse. Like the size zero debate, a proliferation of designer collaborations and diffusion collections and mixing high with low pieces.

So I guess it’s a good time to put my new year’s resolutions for 2010 up for scrutiny…

– I will try to buy Australian owned, designed and/or made clothing where possible. I will have to contend with a writer’s budget, living in a place with only behemoth shopping centres nearby and resolution number two.

Don’t knowingly buy pieces that are close to or blatant rip-offs of other’s designs. I expect this will be especially tricky with footwear. Any recs of mid-range Australian shoe brands that aren’t mostly copies?

Buy less and then only things I love. Taking a leaf from William Morris, “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Get rid of all else.

– Look after my health. Wear sunscreen regularly.

– Secure more freelance writing gigs.

Happy New Year my lovelies! x

4 Thoughts on “Welcome to the New Era

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  2. Happy New Year to you!!!

    I look forward to your 2010 posts!

  3. I will buy less and only those things I adore. I don’t consider crocs as ‘fashion’

  4. Happy New Year to all at Style Melbourne! With Sarah at the helm, you are bound to have a beautiful 2010 x

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