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in Melbourne presented three independent local designers namely One True Love, Caro and Lisa Taranto plus accessories from Thoxa (I liked the distinctive, ethnic, long pendent necklaces by Jenny and Helen). Each designer left audiences with ideas and inspiration for spring and the coming summer which made for an unforgettable night.

The show started with a very casual collection from ‘One True Love’, designed by Sarina Zammit and Katya Baxta. The nautical collection consists of tightly fitted mini-dresses with a bow attached at rear, clear-cut, reversible nautical singlet tops and long cotton skirts. The outfits looked so casual and simple yet so fun as if they could be worn on a cruise ship while sipping martinis. Moving on from the nautical collection was a more feminine and race-wear worthy collection. Inspiration gleaned for potential races outfits appeared in the form of a long maxi, diamond cut open back dress or a teaming of a white, high-necked jacket and white, tulip, knee-length skirt with a sweet sleeveless frilly camisole.

Next up was the collection of Caro from Carolina Ale, who had managed to pull this collection together in just three short weeks. Caro’s designs were made for a night out around town; some dresses were fun and sexy yet had a feminine touch. Bright colours such as green, orange and pink brightened up each outfit, giving off that summery feeling. Cameras flashed ecstatically as models struted around in a long tube, peachy-orange maxi dress and an astonishing white, long=sleeved, cotton dress with red pattern on each arm. To spice it up, there was a one shoulder, frilly, pink silk dress that was well fitted and was made to turn heads.

The last designs shown were the beautifully edgy designed collection of Lisa Taranto. The designs, as described by Lisa, were defined by voluminous silhouettes, strong clean lines, ruffles, pleats and creative shapes with the inspiration being the essence of the Italian woman. She had teamed a sleeveless, mustard yellow, ruffle-necked top with a high-waisted, blood orange, tulip skirt and another outfit consisted of a black playsuit with draped pants. The last outfit to cap off the show was a sleeveless, ruffled, mini-coat paired with a grey pair of drapey harem pants.

Wise words by Mary Mai

Ace images by Mikaela Fisher

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