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A Dream Spring Summer 09/10 by Alexi Freeman

The first time I met Collingwood-based fashion designer Alexi Freeman a dashing sailor’s hat teetered jauntily across his crown. The nautical flavor was a nod to his upcoming collection of the time ‘Nautical but Nice’. Two seasons on, the original designer is still dancing to his own beat and has produced my favourite collection from the label to date for Spring Summer 2009/10. Sigh, I’m in love again…

You should be aware that I am unconditionally crazy about anything silver and since it features heavily in the collection I may be biased about many of the pieces from the outset. The colour palette also extends to basic black and a rather cantaloupe shade of peachy-pink melon (which looks as juicy and delicious as its namesake). A glossy black and white plaid also features, as does the old ‘Criss Cross’ element from Alexi’s previous collection – however this time subdued in a subtle print.

As per usual the collection is sexy and feminine without being overly girly. Shapes tend towards a soft minimalism – a foil for the harder hi-tech sheen of the fabrics. Forget the 80’s mesh muscle tees favoured by pro-wrestlers even today; far removed is the chic, peek-a-boo style mesh featured in many of the pieces. The textural fabric is often spotted in alternating panels with satiny silks and cottons.

Among individual pieces there are classic batwings (to disguise my aversion to lifting weights), ballet skirts (sans the frou-frou of a tutu) and trench-coat style belted dresses. The ‘Biker Blouse’ provides an alternative to committing to heavy leather jackets. The starring pieces of the ‘Double Mesh’ dress and the ‘Silk & Mesh’ dress (worn either lady-like and buttoned up or open as a sleek over-jacket) add feminine balance to the sportier ‘Mesh Hoody’ and ‘CC Singlet’.

I was going to offer up my top three pieces but that list quickly extended to a top ten and growing; instead peruse all the pieces I would happily include in my wardrobe (right this instant) below.

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Words – Sarah Willcocks

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