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I Just Love that Little Black Dress

The book launch of “I just love that Little Black Dress” by Robyn Johnson was more a history lesson in the origins of the infamous LBD than a look inside the book on the iconic wardrobe piece.

Opening the show was a history of the LBD and I must say it was a warm welcome from the usual fashion events which can be pretty standard in their execution.

Starting from the 1800’s with fashion channelling an Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady) at the races look, all the way through to the London punk era of the 1970’s with slashed dresses, fluoro tights and hip chain. It was amazing to remember what women THOUGHT was fashionable throughout history and also to see the elements that have held strong or made a comeback, like hats and gloves.

With great Australian designers rounding off the night, the likes of Akira, Yeojin Bae and Jenny Banister delighted the crowd with a range of takes on the classic piece.

From young and fun to mature and sensual, all the dresses exuded must have LBD facets of elegance, simplicity and confidence.

A favourite was definitely a Yeojin Bae dress from her 2009 Hitchcock Blonde collection. One shouldered (a must have for the coming season), waisted with massive black ruffles cascading down one side of the body, paired with black suede ankle boots, platinum blonde bed hair, and bright red lips-  it’s a look that screams sex and innocence at the same time!

The dress code for the event was ‘Little Black Dress’ and the crowd was a mix of mature socialites, designers, friends of the author and young hangers on.

I have to say that the more mature crowd pulled the LBD off with much more class than their juniors! This may be because they lived through a time when the LBD ruled but I think the main reason is that as a younger generation we seem to not know the difference between a LBD and a black dress. An LBD must scream elegance, simplicity and confidence. Throwing some clunky ankle boots with a black dress you wore to you little brothers graduation is just not going to cut it!

Highlight of the night though was designer Jenny Bannister Queen of the Year 12 Formal Dress was there shaking up the status quo with white tulle covered in on-trend, cut out black leather, big blonde hair and black sunglasses (fitted with prescription lenses) that Madonna herself would covet!

All in all a great night and a good reminder as to exactly why I have 7 LBD’s in my already overflowing wardrobe!

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Words – Georgie Elrington

Photography – Magdalena Skorlich

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