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Floral Jewellery

Maybe it is because Valentine’s day is approaching fast, maybe it is because the last warm days of summer may be petering out; but something in the air has us in flower-y mood. It’s such a shame that the beauty of an effusive bunch of flowers is so fleeting…but these flora infused pieces will stand the test of time on your wrist or adorning your neck. Just spritz on some fragrance with floral notes for full effect and you’re good to go. Now get to the shopping before I get all Art Nouveau on your derrieres;

1. The most breathtaking idea I’ve stumbled across in a long time, this necklace from Dandelion Street is made with real organic petals. Designer Ami Summers treats the petals to last, though some are more prone to fade a little – I think even that aging process is a beautiful. Wearing these pieces is like draping your body with shards of gorgeously natural stained glass. Unique designs available from Mintd or Modamuse.

2. She’s just moved over to our fair city from W.A so we can already claim jewellery designer Elena Dwyer as our own. Her whimsical aethetic lends itself to these playful hair combs called ‘Veronica’. To call them cute as a button would be redundant so let’s just say that adorning your ‘do with these mother-of-pearlescent blossoms will make you the prettiest girl in the village. Elena’s Designs will soon be available at Bowerbird Vintage and From the Land of Oz so patience my pretties.

3. Madeleine Beatty’s work under her Madz Has Runaway label is unique. Her bangles are made with retro fabrics cast in resin for a very modern way to inject some colour into your ensemble. By their very design every patterned cuff is one of a kind. Naturally, as a Melbournian my eye is drawn mostly to the black and white, sketchy version in the photo below. Find her work online at Georgie Love.

4. Combine the new wave Gothic trend coming through for Winter, the prevailing elegance of a statment cocktail ring and our city’s love for all that is black nad you may find yourself coveting this black onyx ring by Nicole Fendel. Shaped in the form of a rose it is big, black, glossy goodness. Get one here: Nicole Fendel Jewellery.

5. The brooch is a versatile piece to have in your jewellery drawer. And this acrylic cut piece from A Skulk of Foxes could be your favourite new classic to fasten into your hair, on a hat, scarf, wrap, anything! The graphic but subtle design is called ‘Petal’ and should complement just about any outfit. Take a look at A Skulk of Foxes designs.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Images courtesy designers.

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