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Fashion highlights at Oakley’s Rooftop Party

We’ve unleashed our sole male fashion writer, Dan, again to give us an honest male perspective of what we’re all wearing out and about around town;

The other day I was browsing a home furnishings catalogue with a view to re-styling my house in an attempt to make people think I earn more money than I actually do. To my absolute delight I found both a motorised tie rail and a toilet that will aim a jet of water at ones ‘lower area’ when one has ‘finished’. Now I don’t need these things but I’m considering them because I have already got all the basics: Fridge, bed, life size wall hanging of Rachael Weisz and a smaller fridge just for beer. What more does a man need? And yet I’m still amazed that during these modern times of relative household luxury some people clearly don’t own a single mirror. If you need any proof just walk out your front door and keep your eyes open.

Last Sunday night Oakley Australia once again laid on the very best party at the St Kilda festival and after Victoria’s hottest day on record it was nice to be in the shades (both types). A mix of fabulous views, good (albeit punctuated) music and shameless marketing is never going to disappoint but still, among people who really should know better, there was yet more evidence of mirror neglect.

One girl wore leggings adorned with a print that appeared to have been inspired by a bad trip. Another girl appeared to have been mistaken for a wall that appeared freshly hard plastered. And another guest was sporting a leather jacket so glossy I wouldn’t be surprised if he was from a military background. It wasn’t all scary though…

Conversely top marks have to go to James Young of Cherry Rock. On a rooftop awash with fluoro somehow a Ferrari red pinstriped suit worked. Special mention also to Dan O’Connor who managed to look dashing whilst remaining a complete gentleman amid many who had clearly let the flow of Corona get the better of their manners.

I may be coming across as hypocritical on many different levels. After all only last week I wrote ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ about a completely different subject but if you really insist on testing the water with a risqué outfit please, for your sake, get a second opinion. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and even awesome thermonuclear eyewear can’t change that.

Words – Dan Gardner

Photography – Magdalena Skorlich

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