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Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai & the Lost Moskivvy

Melbourne artist Luke Feldman better known in the art world as Skaffs has a brand new project. While I’ve long been a fan of his entrancing animations and voluptuous figurines, the next step for Luke is into the world of children’s fairytales (though adult Skaffs fans will still be pleased to add these pages to their bookshelf). ‘Chaff n’ Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy’ is the story of a lost mosquito, resplendent in a fedora and waistcoat, named Moskivvy. In this modern fairytale he buzzes into heroine Mai’s bedroom and her best friend Chaff convinces her to escort the lost soul home. Naturally there’s adventure to be had along the way.

Luke’s typically vibrant, lively designs have always held an element of innocence which suit the children’s story format. The book (also written by Amanda Chin) is the first in a series and aims to help kids overcome their fears along with Mai. We appreciate Luke taking some time out to answer a few questions about the new book and his work in general;

How long has a book in the pipeline for?
The book has been in the making for 2 years now.  It started off as a concept with characters and overtime developed into a fully finished book.  Each page was designed to be a finished piece of artwork and therefore required most of this time to complete.

Was it something you had always wanted to do or did the idea just evolve?
The characters have been in my head for a while.  And when this opportunity presented itself, it allowed me to create a storyline to go with it.  What was great about working with the San Francisco based publishers, Immedium, is that they allowed me to have complete creative control.  It’s a fun little adventure book for all ages to enjoy, and it includes the good old Aussie lingo and environments.

Is it likely you’ll be doing any more in the near future or maybe a series if it is really successful?
This book is the first of the “Chaff n’ Skaffs” series.   The books are to coincide with the vinyl toys.  In this case, it is the Mai toy that will launch later in the year.

What exactly is the character of Chaff?
Chaff is your friendly companion, a SKAFFS creature.  He helps kids overcome fears as we see in this book where he helps Mai overcome hers.

So, our Aussie readers can only obtain it through Immedium at the moment?
The book has just been released for pre-order.  So, the news is hot off the press.  I am currently in negotiation with stores in Australia and I will update my website with stockists down the track.  In the meanwhile, the book can be pre-ordered here.

Any other projects you are currently working on?

Things are definitely busy over in SKAFFS.  I have numerous exhibitions lined up for the start of this year in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.  The launch of the book will be busy with live paintings, artist signings and speaking engagements.  I am continuing to develop the SKAFFS product line (skate decks, giant vinyl adhesives, prints, original art, magnets, books, and toys) and working on my animation series for television.

Just a few other examples of Luke’s work can be seen below or else visit his website for all things Skaffs related.

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Words – Sarah Willcocks

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