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Fashion and Film Premiere

Like everyone else in the world during December, Fashion Revealed threw a Christmas Party for its faithful followers throughout the year. However, Fashion Revealed wasn’t the usual free VB cans and party pies affair. It was a classy night at The Atrium in Federation Square with champagne on offer and the promise of a great show ahead.

The Mute Group opened the show with an energetic dance to some hip RnB tunes. With makeup like zombies and decked out all in black the audience didn’t quite know what to expect but when the music started this group of five dancers showed they had the moves and had all the crowd tapping their toes along with them.

After some minor technical difficulties and providing the audience with more alcohol, despite the ticket price including only one drink (yay they cheered) it was time for the fashion part of the evening to begin. Fashion Revealed is all about bringing new and young talented fashion designers into the spotlight. The parade showcased the talents of RMIT fashion students and, of course, was Christmas themed. There was the Christmas Angel by Bonnie Parker who was completely covered in glitter and a Baby Jesus which was actually a grown man in swaddling. There were also some beautiful evening gowns in the collection. One that stood out was an ankle length salmon colored dress that ballooned out with tulle. A future wedding dress designer there perhaps?

Then we came to the, ahem, interesting part of the night. Turns out the VIP guest next to me was the Sonic Manipulator. You know that man on the streets of Melbourne who makes whacky noises and appears to be from outer-space? The street performer you generally avoid walking through the streets of the CBD? (*eds. note; I love spotting that guy on big night’s out). Turns out a documentary was made about him. Fashion Revealed is also about showcasing young film-makers so this movie was shown to the audience. Sitting next to me, the Sonic Manipulator was very chuffed by his 15 minutes of fame. But then came another 15. He got to put on his costume and do a show for the Fashion Revealed audience. And while I can’t say it was the most enjoyable 15 minutes of my life, I’m sure many people enjoyed his whacky wooooooo and geeeeee sounds. Much of the crowd (sadly) left during this part of the night but came back in for another fashion show. This one lasted a bit longer and had some quality designs, although some left little to be desired (literally because there was almost nothing to the dress). There were culottes (always popular on the catwalk, not necessarily on your average suburban girl), tulle skirts, silver pants (perhaps influenced by the Sonic Manipulator), tiny black dresses, lots of sequins, crisp black shirts for the males along with striped slouch cardis and army style jackets. Then it was back for the girls and there was some beautiful lingerie on show. And with the economic crisis looming, some fashion commentators are predicting that lingerie sales could increase because they are better value for money since you wear lingerie more often than a silk dress. One to think about.

Fashion Revealed is still a new concept with a few flaws including massive breaks in between shows and repeated technical difficulties but the Christmas party was a good chance for organizers and followers alike to let their hair down and celebrate how far they’ve come and what a great opportunity they are giving to young fashion designers and film-makers.

Words – Tara McGrath

Photography – Patrik Nemes

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