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An interview with Dom Bagnato

Fresh from Fashions on the Field judging duties at the Flemington Spring Racing Carnival we roped in Melbourne tailor/suit designer Dom Bagnato to check on his tips for on and off the track.

Q. I feel like the average male is finally starting to take a few risks with their fashion and the Spring Racing Carnival gives them good license to explore their creative side more when it comes to dressing. Are there any trends or classic styles you’d like to see more of this year?

Dom: The trend that I would love to see is the continuation of light shades in suits, eg naturals, silver with colour and mid greys and blues , shirts colour, colour, colour! And related ties in stripes, motives and textures.

I would also like to see 2 button classic Italian shapes and slim line looks with 2 button peak lapel as well as notch lapels.

Q. You’re offering a new service as of this year, Sartoria – why is now the right time to offer a tailoring service from Dom Bagnato?

Dom: Why we offer SARTORIA service now, is because we have the expertise and experience needed to execute the high level of service fit and fabrication, whilst made to measure services have been around a long time our SARTORIA service is based on the Italian tailoring system which gives clients wider options, the value in our service is that you can select , styles that are appropriate for you shape and height , also the ability to select linings, buttons to personalise your look and this is a lovely luxury for the confident individual.

Q. Sometimes our readers are seeking a little sartorial guidance. Do you have any golden rules when choosing a spring suit? Or are there any mistakes to avoid that you see repeating time and time again?

Dom: Plan your shopping time as a reward for your hard work. Make the shopping time an event, for example, make it a day out with your partner.

Golden Rules

First select the suit that is colour and style appropriate for you!

Then play with a few options with shirts and ties, and when you have decided the outfit then either try it all on, or in front of the mirror ensure that the colours work for you and that you love it! When you look good in a outfit, you feel good and when you feel good then you look confident!

* Trust your retailer to advise you on the right fit for your shape
* If you’re not sure what you’re after then advise the staff and they will assist
* If you have particular things in mind then save yourself lots of time by advising the staff so they can show the appropriate looks.
* And remember, to get the desired results you don’t need to spend more money you just need to spend more time.
* Finally, take care with the finishing touches: ties, shoes, watches and consult the mirror! If it looks good THEN it looks good.

Mistakes Repeated

* Rush buying
* Shopping only when need to instead of want to!
* Not telling your retailer or the staff of the store what your needs are what you’re shopping for, for example, what occasion
* Not buying good quality
* Not enjoying the experience of buying beautiful clothing! For example, you should approach your shopping with the attitude of “I deserve this” and not the concern of what it will cost

Q. If it’s not too top secret, have you decided what you’ll be wearing across the carnival days?

Dom: For Derby Day I plan to wear a taupe grey shot effect stripe suit with mint green stripe shirt and a rich green tie with purple double block stripe tie, and pockerchief.

For the other days I will wear lighter shades, to be decided, because there’s “to many options!”

Q. Any tips for the Melbourne Cup?

Dom: Only bet what you can afford to lose, and have fun!!!

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