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Miss T Spring/Summer 08-09 launch

We were welcomed into a Chapel Street boutique for the Spring/Summer launch of youthful label, Miss T. The (faux) grass runway was dotted with potplants and showcased some similar themes as the previous Miss T winter collection. Paperbag waistlines and butterfly cap-sleeve shoulders returned for the warmer season. The colour palatte was definitely timely. I’m not sure if the recent election had much to do with it but red, white and blues abounded along with a vaguely nostalgic American feel. I’m thinking ‘The Virgin Suicides’ terriotory if the Lisbon sisters ever lasted long enough to grow out of their floaty ethereal stage of dressing.

High waisted shorts were paired with midriff tees so as not to show off too much – still you have to be confident or blessed while wearing this collection. It helps that a gaggle of gorgeous leggy blondes were sporting the clothes both on and off the runway (and reminding me to get back on my exercise bike as summer is approaching far too fast for my liking). There is an ease to the collection, as if you could live in your favourite pieces all summer long. The simplicity of the designs means that, while each still has an element of interest, they don’t overwhelm the wearer. You see the girl before the clothes. And designer Natascha has made me think the unthinkable. Usually I’m an opponent of playsuits in general but her version with the looser culotte type leg actually looks quite flattering and cute (especially on the designer herself).

My favourite pieces? The bell-shaped skirt with the paperbagged waist and bow in a faded denim blue and any of the bodysuits with those floaty capped shoulders.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Photographs – Patrik Nemes

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