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Arnette ‘Notorious’ Sunglasses launch

I suppose we’re more accustomed to the type of parties that offer gentile bubbles and canapés than Hennessey liquor and vodka ice luges here at StyleMelbourne (while on the clock anyway). However there was one distinct invitation that arrived in our mailbox that I simply couldn’t pass up. Arnette was launching their new ‘Notorious’ sunglasses range at Revolver with one very famous guest star, American rap icon (I think that’s a fair enough term to use) Snoop Dogg. With at least three interested parties – the Ice Cube tour, Lavazza marquee at the Melbourne Cup and Arnette themselves- collaborating the get the guy into the country curiosity got the better of me.

With most Aussie celebs they will mingle with the public and act generally unaffected at the more private functions. With the really big stars it can go that way too. Or it can be a full on entourage, lackey following you around with your favourite chocolate bars on a platter, beefy impersonal security enforcing what seems like a 10 meter diameter exclusion zone (bar the hot girls naturally) around said star kind of affair. The chance to find out which category the Snoop camp fell into was too much to resist…and it was the latter. But what else could we come to expect – it’s part of the rap star mystique. As soon as Mr. Dogg entered the venue he needed to time to ‘relax’ and we mere mortals needed to shuffle out of the way. To be fair as soon as he stepped into the public domain the crowd and flashbulbs went crazy and a few female ‘fans’ got up close and personal. And the party only really started once he got there.

As for other happenings…the sunglasses themselves were pretty stylish, not too sporty not to fashion-y. Trays of the new pairs were passed around so we could try them on – it’s hard finding the right shapes for each face yet Polaroid happy snaps that were taken for prosperity helped with this. I’ve got my eyes on a more classic mottled brown pair while I’m sure everyone has seen the very diva-esque white pair Snoop has been sporting. The guestlist was stacked with designers; Petrova Hammond (Lady), Alice McCall, Bridget McCall and Nick Messner (LifewithBird), Nicky Birkill, Alex Zabotto-Bentley (fashionassasin) and models Angus Kennett, Sian McLaine, Danielle Atkin and Sally Graham.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Photography – Max Garrido

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