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Recreate 2008 group collection parade

Recreate 08 set out to achieve a number of things; raise money for the Salvos, showcase some of the hottest up and coming designers and show some fashion loving people a great night. It did it all!

Recreate 08 was held last Tuesday night at the beautiful venue of Ormond Hall. A long line greeted me but efficient staff made the line flow easily and the wonderful singer at the door also did a lot to past the time. As we ambled in all guests were greeted with a complimentary bottle of water (handy since the show started 45 minutes after its scheduled time) and a vase was there to throw your money in to support the Salvos works. Tickets were free, but sold out, so donations were the only cost on the night and there were plenty of $50s in the vase! Thankfully, the recession isn’t hitting charitable, fashionable Melbournians just yet.

Media and VIPs from sponsors such as DGM Collective (who organized the event) and Tuju were escorted through to the courtyard and were treated to some beverages (thankfully the money donated was well spent, no alcohol was provided, only at bar prices) and canapés. Among the guests were Southern Territory Salvos Stores Ambassador, Ita Buttrose, Des Mooney, stylish models, and one of my favourite Melbourne fashion bloggers Fashion Hayley! Star-struck? Me? Never.

After much mingling (particularly on the executives part) guests were escorted to their seats, but many were left standing, such was how packed the place was. Whispers were around that next year would be at a much bigger venue to cope with the over-flowing public. There was a surprise auction at the beginning of the show. Who knew you could pick up Armani, Dolce and Gabanna, Versace and Spencer and Rutherford so cheaply? After a slow start, a Spencer and Rutherford fringed, rose bag went for $80 while a man’s black waterproof Versace jacket went for $150. All the money raised on the night was to help out Project Africa. Entry donations raised a total of $10,200 and will go to a community in Zimbabwe to build necessities like a kitchen and piggery. Money from the auction is headed for Ghana to a community where women travel up and down a mountain every day to fetch water. The Salvos hope to build a pipeline there to stop this practice. The auction was certainly a good start for a fantastic project. Then, the lights were dimmed, music pumped and the creations that students had put so much effort into were paraded for all to see.

The show was put on by Bachelor of Design students from RMIT University and ranged in ages, as well as fashion choices. Designers found all the items for their creations from Salvos Stores around Victoria. Rose Megirian discovered old glasses galore and went with the ‘nanna-cool’ look, combining glomesh bags with knitted jumpers that were turned into underwear and bathers. Not necessarily practical, but admirable. Georgia Verity was the talk of the hall at the end of her show with her creative designs. Somehow, Verity turned prams and vacuum pipes into backpacks, and made it look surprisingly good. She also took full advantage of the influx of bike shorts and fur coats at Salvos Stores.

Lucy Swift and Jess Eisenhauer were a pair that caught my eye with their amazing collection. They really channeled the current fashions and used the Salvos pieces to create some great works of art. Their collection involved tie-dye, rope necklaces (one of the more practical suggestions of the night), hessian bags and kaftans. Who can resist a kaftan in summer? I also loved Tish Drakopoulos’ collection which featured a black suit and black ruffled and frilled dress (that was alarmingly similar to a top I own). There were a lot of monochrome colours, as well as the good cover-all, a cape. Christiana Laviditis and Nadia Napreychikov were also another pair of designers with a promising future. They used a beaded car seat as a tunic (Fashions on the Field anyone?) and well as tablecloths and doilies to create beautiful flowing dresses. And a chess box as a handbag. Does life get much better?

These designers really helped the Salvos raise some much-needed money and you should watch out for them in the future, fashion is all about recycling and recreating, isn’t it?

Words – Tara McGrath

Photography – Michael W

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