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Men’s Style Workshop at Galleria

Bold and Beautiful?

Let me speak hypothetically for a moment. Imagine you are at a men’s style workshop and a rather overweight man turns up wearing an ill-fitting T-shirt with the words ‘I love hot moms (sic)’ written across the front. What would you think?

Perhaps the gentleman has come seeking help and advice? Perhaps he is a little known genius designer who is about to make his debut and convert the world to wearing lewd and tasteless T-shirts? Or perhaps he is just a gate-crasher in search of some free piss? Well you can stop imagining now because this isn’t a hypothetical situation at all. It actually happened at the Men’s Style Workshop last Tuesday.

The evening, hosted at the Galleria centre by Franco Schifilliti was a good mix of men’s fashion exhibition and advice with a definite emphasis on the upcoming Caulfield and Melbourne Cup. While I found workshops such as how to select and fit a suit relevant and informative I’m afraid I went a little cold when the advice turned to what one should and should not be wearing this season. Surely style is all about choice and not instruction.

I’m not about to wear a shirt and tie combination in peach, lavender or pink (as suggested) because I know for a fact it would look terrible on me and I would feel silly. This year I will be wearing a simple suit I have owned for years with a white shirt and I’ll decide on a tie later. This simple and tested combination might not win the Men’s Racewear competition on Derby Day but I will feel comfortable with how I look and that is the most important thing. The portly, booze-swilling gentleman was exercising exactly the same right to look awful but feel comfortable and I have to respect him for that. So this year wear whatever you like to the races no matter how silly it looks. Just make sure it’s your decision.

Oh and if you are still wondering. The mummy magnet was indeed a gate crasher. He was promptly escorted from the premises partly because he hadn’t been invited but mostly because of the god-awful T-shirt.

Milking It.

The Galleria event also incorporated the launch of a new celebrity line of skincare for men. When I heard Michael Klim had launched the range of ‘Milk’ products my heart sank. I thought for sure it was yet another example of a sports celebrity shamelessly endorsing a product they have no interest or involvement in.

I’m certain Libby Tricket does not use a Lenovo laptop because it can be dropped on to the unforgiving tiles around the poolside. And I’m also pretty convinced Tiger Woods could read the time just as easily from a Casio digital watch as he could from his TAG that he seems to be photographed with so much.

However, having recently seen Michael with my own eyes I’m beginning to believe he may be an exception to the rule.

The undeniable truth is that Michael Klim has fantastic skin. With all those years of exposure to sun and chlorine I firmly believe he has been as concerned and religious about his health on the outside as he has on the inside. You could argue his radiance is a result of good genes and diet but what I’m saying is I don’t think that he has become an overnight skin guru only since he was handed a heavy cheque by a man from a cosmetics company. Health is not something one can fake.

His range of Milk (“Klim” backwards. Very clever) moisturisers and cleansers are very nice and look great. I can’t tell you whether regular use will improve or preserve the condition of your skin but I can say without doubt they won’t make you faster in the pool.

Words – Dan Gardner

Photographs – Stephen Clarkson

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