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Anna Campbell Spring Summer 08/09 Parade

Here’s another label to add to the ever-growing pack of local young designers who make me feel inadequate in the talent department. Anna Campbell unveiled her current Spring Summer 08/09 collection at Unlucky recently. I feel it is a big step up for the designer – her most impressive collection to date especially in terms of fit and cohesiveness.

The styling of the show was also nicely done, highlighting the collar bone with crystals is an ingenious way to draw attention to an oft-ignored yet naturally sexy area of the body. The collection itself is youthful and as airy as fairy floss which is just the way you want to dress for balmy summer evenings. Extra details, like lace and braiding, elevate each dress to something a little bit more special than the norm. We also managed to round Miss Campbell up for this a mini-interview;

For me your current collection (as shown recently at Unlucky) had a real ‘fairies at the bottom of the garden’ feel. Is this ethereal look what you were initially going for?

The signature look for Anna Campbell pieces is soft and feminine with attention to detail, and some edgy bold elements thrown in. ‘Fairies at the bottom of the garden’ is a great way to describe the romantic feel of much of the label. I like to use unique embellishments such as tulle, sequins and bows.

Do you have a personal favourite stand out piece from this collection?

I love the feel of the entire Spring/Summer Collection, and I think each piece adds to it with a different quality. For example the Twisted Tassle dress is sleek, and sexy, creating and accentuating the figure but the Sparkling Tulle dress is so gorgeously girly with its fairy tulle skirt, lace-up bodice and embellished bust.

What’s your design process? Does it just flow naturally for you or do you have to work really hard to come up with your concepts?

My ideas and inspirations are all drawn into a visual diary or pinned on story-boards in my studio and the concepts for my pieces evolve naturally from there. They tend to change and develop as I experiment with colours, textures and fabrics. Designing is the best part of my job.

What’s next for the future of Anna Campbell designs? Are you working on a new collection currently and what should we expect to come out of your workshop soon?

I have been extremely excited by the success of my collections to date, and feel that each one retains that soft, pretty sexiness, but in a different way. My Autumn 09 Collection is currently in the design process, and being ordered for arrival in stores in February 09 and will reflect the season with flowing feminine lines, while Winter 09 will see me branching out with new colors, fabrics and decorative techniques.

Are there any other local labels and designers that you admire?

I really admire Rachael Gilbert who is a Sydney Designer – we share the same love for sparkling stand out pieces.

Words – Sarah Willcocks

Photography – Christos Pavlidis

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