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Midmouse Runway

Now  firmly embedded within the Melbourne indie fashion scene, is the Penthouse Mouse/Moth Design crew who threw not only a spectacular party on Friday night, but put on a fabulous runway showcasing the best of up and coming Melbourne fashion design. Hosted by the Old Navel and Military Club in

Penthouse Mouse 2010

Once  a year, art and fashion combine under the watchful and very capable eye of the Moth design crew to create a space where all who worship fashion can come to pay homage, this Mecca of design is known as Penthouse Mouse. For the two week duration of Melbourne’s L’oreal

Satu Autumn Winter 2010

With   a label name that roughly translates to mean ‘fable’ or the ‘act of telling a story’, the expectation to deliver designs that inspire and spark the imagination is high. Designer Chole Kerr has gone above and beyond to ensure her newest collection lives up to the label’s name.