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‘Higher the Hair’ Fashion Parade/Pageant for LMFF

[singlepic=4439,320,240,,right] When I found out I would be attending the final event of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I was rather excited. It didn’t matter what the event was because I knew it would be a wild, extravagant party and a spectacular climax of glamour and beauty. I knew that

High Tea on High

[singlepic=4380,320,240,,right]There’s something so Alice in Wonderland about a High Tea. Alice was a guest at the tea party of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare eating cupcakes and several cups of tea. She was surrounded by nonsense. I was a guest at the City of Stonnington’s High Tea on

Target Rocks Red Market 100% Fabulous parade

[singlepic=4223,320,240,,right] I enjoy the Target presentations each year at fashion week. They know how to put on an entertaining show and the styling is top notch – a must when showing a massive range of pieces. There are always a few stand out pieces to mix into your wardrobe that

Refabricated Salon Show at New Model Beauty Queen

[singlepic=3626,320,240,,right] Refabricated is a show presented by the No Sweat Shop label, which provides local designers a chance to showcase their designs while at the same time educating and informing people about some of the ethical issues, which are often overlooked or ignored, associated with the fashion industry. Despite its

Forever New Pop Up Runway Show

[singlepic=4172,320,240,,right] It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a beautiful cloudless day and the blow-up dressing room with currently empty runway had attracted a crowd of a couple hundred people. A gaggle of suited men hovered at the base, congratulating themselves. Unfortunately the lack of

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival; Runway 6

[singlepic=4135,320,240,,right]If dedicated L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival followers were showing any sign of tiring by the fourth day, it certainly wasn’t showing on their faces. A-listers (or B or C) sitting front row included Brett Tucker, Zoe Badwi, Carrie Bickmore, Tiffani Hall, Kate Langbroek, Lillian Frank, Miss Jay Alexander and plenty

Fashion Collections: Trespassers in Blue

[singlepic=4066,320,240,,right]The Malvern City Hall is a gorgeous place to hold a runway show. High celings, white interior alternatively darkened and brightened by the purple and blue spotlighting. Trespassers In Blue was a collection of some of the biggest “cool kids” brands: Lee, Mossimo, Mooks, Superdry, Wrangler- and the crowd was

State of Georgia parade asks “Where’s Wally?”

[singlepic=3845,320,240,,right] With the Bonds show canceled thanks to the outcry over Pacific Brands decision to sack over 1800 workers in Australia, State Of Georgia designer, Georgia Hall, had the big task of pulling together her very own show on the third day of L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week. A Pop-Up show

Give/Take Exhibition Opening

[singlepic=3574,320,240,,right] See lines between art and fashion blur at the Give/Take exhibition, which opened on the March 17 as part of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival. The exhibition at the Off the Kerb Gallery in Collingwood features creations by prominent designers and artists and is their interpretation of this year’s