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Yuge Yu ‘Echoes’ Spring Summer 2012/13

It was a sudden career change – from criminal law to the ragtrade – for budding designer Yuge Yu. I wonder which industry has scarier characters? The switch was apparently prompted by a break in at the Melbourne/Byron Bay designer’s own home. No longer does Yuge have to defend the bad

A GIANT Celebration

Throwing a Xmas party for a modelling agency must be pretty simple; a beautiful guest-list is guaranteed! Such it was for Giant Management‘s end-of-year celebrations at Mon Bijou as the sun over Melbourne set last week. Fashion industry types like photographer Ed Purnomo, designer Jolet Ucchino and a rainbow eye-lidded Lady Petrova

Ballet & Fashion

“Both ballet and fashion are art in motion, given life by the human form” contends Vogue editor-in-chief Edwina McCann. The magazine plays its role in the latest National Gallery of Victoria x The Australian Ballet exhibition; Ballet & Fashion. From classic dance styles to avant-garde costumes of the past three decades, the

Proportion Distortion

We’re all well aware for the transformational power of fashion. You slip into a favourite dress and suddenly feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Or perhaps those sky-high stilettos make you feel like a super-hero and nothing in the ‘verse can stop you. And then there’s the more practical

Jasu selects StyleMelbourne as a StyleMaker

So the kitty has been out of the Chanel bag for a while, but this week it’s my turn to be featured as one of Jasu’s Stylemakers. You may remember the new online luxury shopping portal recently whisked me away for a fashion shoot adventure to Broome? Today I can

WIN Fashiontrend’s New ‘Metropolis’ Issue

You know I have an affinity for a certain stylish city. This month Fashiontrend magazine devotes their glossy pages to fashionable capitals in general. The Fashiontrend team tells us that the newly launched issue showcases “MBFWA and the Fall Winter collections direct from Milan and New York. Dedicated to ‘city streets’,

Fan(girling) Bingbing

The merriment, voyeurism and froth of Cannes has recently come and gone. Though I know little of her on-screen CV, I was particularly stuck by the unique red carpet style of Chinese actress and singer Fan Bingbing. She seems at once quirky, regal and uninhibited with her fashion choices. The closest I’m likely

‘Fire & Ice’ by She Is Frank

'Fire & Ice' by She Is Frank

Sponsored by Nuffnang Having the opportunity only once previously to publish some of photographer She Is Frank‘s works, I’ve admired her style from afar for years. On the back of her debut solo exhibition the enigma that is (the short-handed) Frank is being more revealed than ever. It seems like

Fin boutique opens

Fin boutique

As a swimwear designer, Roxanne Green hasn’t been fazed with the inability to use her own name for her designs. As she explains Roxy, the label named after her by her Quicksilver-founding father, “has been around since I was six or seven so I’m used to it…I’m not the kind

‘Chain Mail: True Self’ art x fashion exhibition

Finally chain mail is being used for something useful other than scaring 9 year old children and scamming nannas out of their pocket money. For the ‘Chain Mail: True Self‘ exhibition various artists and fashion designers were sent blank canvases via the post (in ode to the GPO’s origins) which