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Diary | Spirit Queen | Melbourne Fashion Festival

Spirit Queen

How entrancing is this image? It’s model Louise Van de Vorst in a new series called ‘Spirit Queen’ as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. Fashion photographer and Folie a Deux filmmaker Christian Blanchard (who has recently shot for Tangent, Pages Digital and Spook magazines) and stylist Bec Cole

‘Chain Mail: True Self’ art x fashion exhibition

Finally chain mail is being used for something useful other than scaring 9 year old children and scamming nannas out of their pocket money. For the ‘Chain Mail: True Self‘ exhibition various artists and fashion designers were sent blank canvases via the post (in ode to the GPO’s origins) which

Melbourne Fashion on Location Live Photoshoot

The  Shot Tower Square at Melbourne Central was turned into a scene for a live fashion shoot as the L’Oreal Fashion Festival continued to take the city by storm. Renowned photographer Christian Blanchard, who is best known for his work with InStyle, Mimco, OK, Kurve and Satch, was paired up

The Spirit of the Black Dress

The Spirit of the Black Dress invited fashion and textile designers to create their version of the iconic black dress for their official Melbourne Spring Fashion Week gala and photographic exhibition. The ten best entries were chosen (by industry experts like designer Joe Saba, trend forecaster and creative strategist Robert

Live Fashion Photoshoot

As  part of the recent Two Blocks festival, Melbourne was given a rare chance to go behind the scenes on a live photoshoot and really see how it all works. Shot Tower Square in Melbourne Central was transformed into an open studio space for an afternoon where the public could

Behind the Scenes at a Live Photoshoot

As part of the Two Blocks festival – an event bringing street art and fashion into the spotlight – some of our favourite local talents will be performing/working on a live fashion shoot that they are inviting everyone in Melbourne to witness. Now I love photoshoots – it is fantastically

Christian Blanchard Fashion Photographer Profile

We are not always so lucky as to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on the talent behind the camera. The many month long efforts of fashion photographers result in images we admire while flipping through our favourite glossy magazines. We aspire to get our grubby little hands on what they advertise,