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Fame Agenda

Some people dream of running away to join the circus…a fanciful escape that rarely turns into reality. Monica Lim dreamt of running away from her perfectly acceptable career to start her own label and that is just what she did. Fame Agenda is both a boutique stocking local lust-worthy names

Dressing for Autumn

They say “a change is as good as a holiday” and as we step into a new season a sense of excitement is in the air as we adjust our wardrobe to match. I’ve always felt the cooler seasons lent themselves to more elegant styles of dressing and a more

Designers to Watch Right Now

To design is to create and plan something special. I’ve sourced five hot designers to watch and crave right now. All have their own innovative outlook on fashion and the competitive industry and how their collections stand out from the crowd. 1. Melbourne sisters doing it for themselves. Angela &

Julia Deville’s Disce Mori Jewellery

It’s a matter of popular opinion that fur in fashion, is most definitely not in. But what about the use of taxidermy in fashion? Most people would be shocked if not repulsed by the idea of wearing a preserved dead animal as an accessory to an outfit, especially if it

Alexi Freeman Criss Cross A/W 09

Alexi has been a long time favourite local designer here at Style Melbourne.  His eclectic style and ultra glamourous collections keep us in suspense every time a new season rolls around.  This winter, Alexi has yet again raised the stakes and has left me wondering…what will have me swooning next

Project Runway Australia Season 2 preview

Melbourne’s fashionable Docklands will soon be awash with a flurry of fabric when season two of Project Runway Australia begins filming in April. The search has now begun to unearth new talent in the fashion industry and all hopeful designers are encouraged to apply. Hosted by supermodel Kristy Hinze, the

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2009

LMFF has been the highlight of my professional year for the past five years now. It’s a week of rushing from show to show cursing your new high heels, catching up with interesting (seemingly much better dressed than I) colleagues and gawking at gorgeous clothes. It’s an escape, a spectacle

Harvest Powell

Who is Harvest Powell? Harvest is a designer who demands your attention. Tall and fair, with black liquid eyelids and an inquisitive mind, you could be excused for thinking Ms. Powell has made herself noticed by force of personality alone. However, this is no talentless scenester-designer. Her budding label The

Floral Jewellery

Maybe it is because Valentine’s day is approaching fast, maybe it is because the last warm days of summer may be petering out; but something in the air has us in flower-y mood. It’s such a shame that the beauty of an effusive bunch of flowers is so fleeting…but these

Victorian Bushfires 2009

We are in the midst of our state’s worst natural disaster in history. Over the past weekend 181 people have lost their lives and that number is expected to rise substantially. Over 750 homes have also been lost. Entire towns have literally been destroyed. Certain things have really hit it