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Urban Project by Josua Andreas

Upon stepping into Josua Andreas’ Urban Project store in Melbourne Central, you are instantly transported into what appears to be an old world costume shop clashed with a funky 70’s style apartment.  Shopping at Urban Project is destined to be an experience, be sure to set aside at least an

Emerging labels & Young Designers

Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Ho, Bettina Liano, Alannah Hill and Peter Alexander – before these local names became Australian fashion icons, they were just little people trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion world. Fresh talent on the Melbourne fashion scene is emerging, with these five budding designer

Smitten With…

Smitten with is a quick Q&A with Melbourne’s most stylish people + the things they love. AMANDA SMITH (left of image) Willow Sales Manager 1. A Willow Piece: Silk crepe jacket with enamel beads. It’s really stunning. 2. Winter Accessories: Scarves! 3. Cafes: I’m from Sydney so when i come

Conversation with Celebrity Stylist Philip Boon

Look at them strutting their stuff on the red carpets of the world. With their flawless faces, to-die-for designer dresses and stunning stilettos, celebrities always seem to be immaculately put together. If you’re one that thinks it just comes easy…guess again! Trust me, it is the final product of looking

Christian Blanchard Fashion Photographer Profile

We are not always so lucky as to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on the talent behind the camera. The many month long efforts of fashion photographers result in images we admire while flipping through our favourite glossy magazines. We aspire to get our grubby little hands on what they advertise,

Dressing for Success on a Budget

I was recently interviewed for an article on dressing well on a budget…which has become crucial for many of you in the past year as it has I. I’ve republished it here as it is a bit of fun and there’s some good guidelines to shop by – SW How

Vagrant Fashion

As many of you may know, back in the days when grunge was the ‘it’ thing amongst angsty’ teens, a label became apparent, and that was ‘homeless chic.’ As the years passed and teenage rebellion turned to other genres such as screamo, emo and death metal, the homeless chic look

Leonard Street A/W 09 review

Inspirations from past decades with an exclusivity and modern twist. An extensive collection of warm, stylish staples which Leonard St manages to make distinct. An array of coats and jackets in almost every style and forget black and grey, prepare for red and cream leather, teal and fuchsia. A teal

Smitten With…

Smitten with is a quick Q&A with Melbourne’s most stylish people + the things they love. LUCI ANNE TONTI Willow Team Member 1. A Willow Piece: An incredible black chiffon long legged jumpsuit. It’s really amazing. 2. Winter Accessories: Big black scarves. 3. Cafes: Fog (in Prahran) 4. Reading: I


Upon walking into a Gorman store, you are instantly transported into a whimsical world of fairytale luxury.  Be it the worn wooden floorboards, the rustic decor, or the smiling staff floating about the store styled to perfection.  Since the labels inception back in 1999, Melbourne designer Lisa Gorman has been