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The Australian Fashion Project: Nevenka

I remember seeing Nevenka‘s debut collection (way back in 2006) and immediately being struck by its beauty. The impression endured and I’ve keenly followed designer Rosemary Masic’s journey since then. Having always wanted to invest in a Nevenka piece, now I finally have with the silk ‘end of time’ maxi-dress.

The Australian Fashion Project: It begins with Tali Roth!

Alice Euphemia‘s four-day Garage Sale starts today and as you can see I’ve been busy “working” on my Australian Fashion project with a couple of new purchases below. I must be on a silver kick at the moment! Both pieces are by Tali Roth; I think this makes her label

My Australian Fashion quest + the very best kind of Garage Sale!

Some people strive to wear all vintage fashion or all sustainable fashion. You may have heard Aleisha McCormack of The Circle and Love Local Fashion‘s bid to only wear Australian brands on air? It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a little while so… As of now I promise at least nine