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This must be Underwater Love

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

The seaweed is always greener,
In somebody else’s lake,
You dream about going up there,
But that is a big mistake,
Just look at the world around you,
Right here on the ocean floor,
Such wonderful things surround you,
What more is you lookin’ for?
– Horatio Thelonius Ignatius Crustaceus Sebastian, The Little Mermaid

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

Vellamo the mythical Finnish sea goddess is a totem for Tettmann.Doust‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Her association with mermaids and motion of the waves is a fitting muse for the label’s fluid shapes and preoccupation with the majesty of the natural world. Designers Elke and Naomi commissioned New York based Australian photographer Luzena Adams to shoot their latest under-the-sea-like campaign. The imagery was created using the National Gallery of Victoria’s famous waterwall as a backdrop (though I’ve never seen it look this magical) in a live public exhibition as part of the massive ‘Melbourne Now ‘exhibition earlier in the year. The prints are again created in collaboration with artist Naomi Bishop, who drew from time spent at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland.

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

On the back of featuring in our collective ‘Seasonal Delights‘ project, Elke, one side of Tettmann.Doust, kindly answered a few questions about Vellamo below.

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

How did you come to work with Luzena?

We have known Luzena for some time, and have both worked with her pre-TD, when she was based in Aus. We were really keen for an opportunity to work with her again as we felt her aesthetic would be well aligned with Tettmann.Doust. We were really excited when the opportunity arose.

Can you tell me a little bit about your collaboration with Naomi Bishop?

Again, I have known Naomi since long before the label’s inception, and had hoped for the chance to collaborate with her…Tettmann.Doust presented a great platform for this, and seemed a natural progression of the friendship and creative ideas we had shared over the years. Naomi’s themes and aesthetic have great appeal to us as she deals with the sciences and the natural world, which is the main base for Tettmann.Doust’s inspiration also. Vellamo is actually a continuation of our work with Naomi, with ‘Underland’ Winter ’14 being our first collaboration.

How did the NGV/waterwall concept happen?

This is almost unbelievable…in keeping with the watery themes of Vellamo, we were really wanting to shoot in front of, or surrounded by water. The NGV waterwall came to mind easily, as we have both always loved it, however we didn’t believe it would actually be a viable option, due to its very public location. In the following weeks, whilst brainstorming alternative ideas, we were contacted by the NGV to take part in their Community Hall initiative, as part of Melbourne Now. For the duration of Melbourne Now, Community Hall invited many Melbourne based creatives to use the space for a day, and provide an opportunity for the public to gain an insight into something they may not otherwise see. Community Hall was located in the entrance foyer of the NGV – in front of the waterwall! It was clear to us that this should then become our shoot location.

What’s next for Tettmann.Doust?

We’re now looking forward to MSFW – we’ll be showing on the designer runway, and will have a pop-up store in the city during fashion week: Von Haus, 1A Crossley St, Melbourne. Ed’s note: The pop-up will run from the 3rd-6th Sep from 11am-5pm (from 12pm on Sunday).

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

The Vellamo collection is released next week and you should know it features a couple of very cool body suits that are appropriately water-friendly (say hello to your new favourite swimsuit).

Tettmann.Doust - Melbourne Fashion Label

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