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Midmouse Runway 1 goes Bananas

The Midmouse runways at Penthouse Mouse are always a bit bananas; featuring an intriguing melange of underground, emerging or under-the-radar established labels. They don’t mind a bit of drama on the catwalk either, which leads us to actual bananas appearing in the show last night. I’ll explain that soon.

The most stalwart labels on the line-up – Autonomy and Leonard St. – featured typically cosy Autumn-appropriate pieces that fit in my idea of the “non-boring-basics” category. The twist for Autonomy was a touch of leather, panelling in-contrasting textures and an attitude for traipsing through the American wilderness. For Leonard St. it was quirky prints of birds, statues and dots, paired oh so well with Tightology’s stockings in a retro, tertiary colour palette. In my mind the Autonomy man and the Leonard St. woman would totally be dating.

RES Denim showcased 90’s style denim. Think distressed pairs in classic washes alongside printed floral jeans that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Blossom. Newcomer Ameca Calleja tried her hand at a little of everything; tie-dye, a variety of cute circle skirts, neon-dyed hide and a great shawl concept with an embellished hero shoulder.

For a conglomerate of designers, The Social Studio produced quite a cohesive collection and showcased their way with tribal, tropical and floral prints. Connel Chiang smartly styled their looks with Helen Pappas’ floral tassel earrings (I seriously need a pair in my life).  A duo of kitschly dresses “bridesmaids” heralded the show’s finale as they strewed the catwalk with banana lollies (my tastebuds cried). The climax was a mysterious bride, complete with carnations in hand, sporting a vivid teal gown. Apparently the piece was created by a Studio intern! She was her own ‘something blue’.

Anything you’ve got your eye on? Let me know in the comments below.

Photography by Claire Alice Young

Leonard St

Res Denim

Ameca Calleja


The Social Studio


2 Thoughts on “Midmouse Runway 1 goes Bananas

  1. Lesieli Taufa on March 21, 2013 at 12:23 am said:

    Is the Ameca Calleja body adornment (made of cowry shells) for sale; how much and where can I potentially buy it from?

    Thank you

  2. Not sure Lesieli!

    You can get in touch with her here and show stylist Connel Chiang here to enquire.

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