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Tettmann.Doust Infinitum A/W 2013

I’m a secret nerd at heart. I plan nightime trips out to the country just to see the Milky Way, I love a good David Attenborough doco and am forever toying with the idea of setting up a blog/series that juxtaposes fashion with nature. So it’s lovely to find others who share my appreciation for science.

Tettmann.Doust‘s ‘Infinitum’ collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 imbues their trademark soft silhouettes and bodysuits with beading and digital prints based on fractal art. Fractals may occur in nature (consider the delicate veins of a leaf, cracks in a parched desert or snowflakes) but can also be produced mathematically. It’s a form of¬†measured chaos. Tettmann.Doust’s pieces this season particularly remind me of the Molecular Expressions project which put all kinds of everyday things – vitamins, microchips, even cocktails – under a microscope and ended up blurring the line between science and art. A result, I guess, which is not unlike something that this label continually aspires to!

You can see Tettmann.Doust‘s upcoming collection in all its intricate glory on the Independent Runway at LMFF in March.

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum

Photographer – Henryk Lobaczewski
Hair & Make-up artist – Andi Coventon
Model – Teale Coco @ Darley

One Thought on “Tettmann.Doust Infinitum A/W 2013

  1. The digi-prints look fantastic, but what I really want is that awesome leather pencil skirt.

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