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Filthy Cute

“Everyone” used to be a DJ. Or a stylist. Now it seems claiming to be a street style blogger is ubiquitous. I recently stumbled on a new fashion blog titled ‘Filthy Cute‘ by Melbourne artist Sarah McLay who “dabbles in photography, painting and craftiness”. She paints watercolours over black and white street style photographs; an interpretation that adds another dimension to the images and makes the idea seem fresh again. Similar to Leo Greenfield’s fashion illustrations from memory. Soon she hopes to experiment with gold leaf and collage.

Sarah scouts for looks mostly around the CBD, Chapel Street and inner suburbs, though has noticed certain locales can have something of a “style uniform.” A subject with self confidence interests her more than homogeny.  Dream subjects to put on canvas would be actress Jean Seberg (“tomboyish and oh so sexy”), a 70’s-era Faye Dunaway and “of course” Kate Moss.

Bonus points for naming her blog after a lyric from Prince’s Cream; “You’re filthy cute, and baby, you know it.”

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