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A Model Life

It must be a perilous task. To watch hundreds of models strut up and down for hours and then choose the cream of the pretty crop based on just a few fleeting moments. Then to the crushing of their fragile dreams of being the next Gemma Ward-esque discovery. I don’t envy the judges – I have a hard enough time deciding what to spread on my toast each morning.

I’m probably being overly dramatic. It’s just another day at (seriously-harder-than-it-looks) work for these beauties. This morning department store David Jones started deciding who will represent them come time to showcase their Autumn Winter 2013 designer collections in Sydney and at the opening show at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Time to play casting agent. Who would you choose if you had the power?

Photography by Linda Hampton

David Jones LMFF Melbourne Model Casting 2013

Alexander @ Scene

David Jones LMFF Melbourne Model Casting 2013

I’d hire this girl based on her outfit; let alone her Dorothy-worthy ruby red slippers.

Claire @ Chadwick

David Jones LMFF Melbourne Model Casting 2013

Patience my pretties.

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