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Shine On You Crazy (Bensimon) Diamond

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” You, Ms. Mae West were a wise, wise woman.

Up until now I have been pronouncing ‘Bensimon’ with a French accent. Now I can’t help but pronounce the name so that it (almost) rhymes with “diamonds”; I’m sure the crew at Melbourne’s newly launched gem company won’t mind my lingual synchronicity. Bensimon Diamonds is an online dealer of the much sought-after (even if the Russians have a secret glut of them) stones. My first question; are they conflict free? Answer: Yes. Bensimon’s idea is that you gift a diamond and then create a piece of jewellery afterwards with the recipient. I’ve always liked this plan, especially for engagement rings.

Guests at the launch last week “carefully” sipped on a glass of champagne, each with a cubic zirconia nestled in the bottom. Yet one lucky attendee would soon find upon inspection that theirs was a real sparkler worth $16,000 to keep. Who’s your best friend now? I’ll console myself at being diamond-less by spying on what people wore at the launch…

Bensimon Diamonds Launch

Bensimon Diamonds Launch

Bensimon Diamonds Launch

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