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The Great Exhibitionist

How grand a title is ‘The Great Exhibitionist and his Private Views’, as Ted Baker‘s Spring Summer collection has been dubbed? It sounds like a fascinating novel. Perhaps it’s a book you would look simply marvellous reading while laying back in the grass on a summer’s day as you sport a few of the below outfits. Ted Baker offers up a certain slice of preppy British style. Pleats, cardigan, sweet-as-a-button frocks and khakis are livened up with the expected Spring florals and a good dose of hot colour. A trio of lace bodice-d dresses are stand-outs particularly in terms of racing carnival inspiration (Richard Nylon’s genius headpieces help)…but I’d also give in to the three piece floral short-suit or it’s related shirt for the gents.

Ted Baker Spring Summer 2012




Ted Baker Spring Summer 2012

Ted Baker Spring Summer 2012

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