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The next Cocoa Chanel?

It’s a Project Runway challenge just waiting to happen. Cacao‘s master chocolatier Tim Clark has collaborated with Australian designer Leona Edmiston to create three one-of-a-kind dresses. For Tim the project was obvious, “pairing (fashion and chocolate) the two loves of women”. The trio of designs – the third is installed at Cacao’s St Kilda location – is based on Leona’s upcoming Spring/Summer collection and is 100% pure Belgian chocolate. According to Tim the rich substance can get to a stage where it ” feels like leather, but it sets”.

Fashioned in Cacao’s Port Melbourne headquarters, after 150 hours of work and countless kilos of chocolate – the dresses were precariously transported in the back of a truck with Tim and a fellow chef carefully riding alongside. Of all the things he’s been asked to make out of chocolate Tim explains, “this is one of the most unique”. This is what I imagine Mad Men’s Joan Holloway would look like if she was dipped in chocolate (not an uncommon fantasy for many men and women I expect).

While the chocolate couture  runway at Salon du Chocolate is an annual event in Paris (and has branched out to other fashion capitals such as New York and Tokyo) this exhibition is closer to home. It will be featuring at Cacao at Melbourne’s GPO for the next month. Sorry no touching, let alone eating (or wearing).

Cocoa x Leona Edmiston

Cocoa x Leona Edmiston

Cocoa x Leona Edmiston

Cocoa x Leona Edmiston

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  1. Wow this is amazing!

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