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The Australian Fashion Project: Nevenka

I remember seeing Nevenka‘s debut collection (way back in 2006) and immediately being struck by its beauty. The impression endured and I’ve keenly followed designer Rosemary Masic’s journey since then. Having always wanted to invest in a Nevenka piece, now I finally have with the silk ‘end of time’ maxi-dress. I’ve had my eye on the whimsically-printed dress for some time – admittedly it’s past season – however the same cut in a dark swallow bird print is available this Winter. It’s a supremely flattering cut (and a little risqué due to the low neckline) and it’s a bonus that the piece is Australian made as well as designed. Can’t wait to wear it and show you come spring time.

Reasons to shop Nevenka: For feminine designs, local manufacturing and because it’s their flagship boutique’s second birthday today (50% off all week, plus we’ve been promised tea and cake).

You can follow me on my quest to only buy local labels for the next year and learn more about the Australian Fashion Project by clicking here.

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