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Matcho Suba ‘Chernobyl’ 013

The fashion industry is not unaccustomed to – sometimes unintentionally – courting controversy. It’s easy to conjure up examples; model Andrej Pejic posing as a female muse, Benetton’s world leaders kissing,  Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton flaunting extreme wealth in third world environments (the former in Haiti, the later with Angelina Jolie in Cambodia). Slovakian born, Melbourne based designer Matcho Suba also flirts with taboo themes. His upcoming collection for Spring Summer 2012/13, rather than being disrespectful, is intended as a tribute to the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

I was just a toddler at the time and far removed from the tragedy, but Matcho had a much more personal experience of the event due to his eastern European upbringing. Personally I think, aside from the shock-value of dismembered dolls used as set dressing, the collection itself steers clear of commentary on the human element of the disaster. Out of context, the Chernobyl inspiration isn’t immediately clear; rather the collection has a broader industrial, dystopian feel.

Aggressive use of pleather, gold pearl studs and PVC are softened against lace, jersey and gently tailored silhouettes. Gas masks, (surprisingly gorgeous) prints embodying smog-tarnished skylines and that particular shade of yellow that signals a radiactive warning all punctuate the collection. Adding to the murky atmosphere were models with talon-like extended nails courtesy Miss Fox. They seemed instructed to lurk as dramatic creatures around the set as if they were the love-children of both Lady Gaga’s and Janelle Monae’s lyrical ‘monsters’.

Matcho’s ‘Chernobyl’ collection suggests that unconventional themes can be eerie and disturbing yet beautiful at once. I’d love to hear what you think of the designs in the comments.

Matcho Suba Chernobyl 013

Matcho Suba Chernobyl 013

Matcho Suba Chernobyl 013

4 Thoughts on “Matcho Suba ‘Chernobyl’ 013

  1. Amazing photos darling! I love your post and review of the show. I can relate to the tragedy as my hometown is Russia, it happened a year after I was born but the impact of it is still ongoing. I get a glimpse of Matcho’s feelings, emotions, memories, culture through his collection. He is a true artist and creator. Very inspired!

    Dasha Gold

  2. Thanks Dasha – they’re ok considering I was ducking around Irish’s feather headpiece and Luka from Lui Hon’s fur 😉

    Fantastic show, I love that – away from the backstory – there’s pieces that I would kill to wear, even though I’m definitely not Matcho’s demographic. A sign of a thoughtful creator methinks.

  3. Amazing write up Sarah! And indeed great shots from your view! love it!

  4. Thanks a bunch Calvin.

    I’ll have to take a photography course soon. Would have assigned one of my photographers to cover it but they’d said there wouldn’t be a show as such 🙂

    Always nice to see your face/lens.

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