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High Tea at The Movies

Stale popcorn and melting choc tops may be sidelined for the moment. High Tea is going to the movies! Starting this Saturday and Sunday from 3pm, Cinema Nova  at 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, will be offering chef-made sandwiches, tarts and cookies instead of the usual movie-going fare each weekend. Do not pass up the smoked salmon, caper mayonnaise and watercress salad on rye. Now a big gulp of soda will just not do to accompany such fancy petit fours, so it has been replaced by Pimms and sparkling or tea if you are feeling fragile. Le Chef is screening first up; a French flick that, from my sneak preview last weekend, is as light and airy as a meringue. Yes, we also get served meringue (atop lemon pie). Book tickets here.

Since high tea has gone mainstream in recent years, there’s no need to dress primly. Yet still, I live to dress for the occasion, so here’s some outfit inspiration for an offbeat afternoon of High Tea at the Movies…


High Tea outfit inspiration

1. Zebra Crossing jumper by Gorman 2. Grand Central ballet flats by Fiebiger 3. Coffee Macaron by Cinema Nova 4. Jersey Stripe pencil skirt by Country Road 5. Daring Duchess earrings by beuy 6. Festival Hall of Dreams tote bag by Graine

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