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Are you [A]Wear?

Kate Rohde’s chunky prehistoric/futuristic jewellery kicked off the vibrant fashion show that was [A]Wear last night. Labels Alexandra Blak, Alpha60, Gorman, Mr. Carter, Neo Dia, O.T.T. by Lia T, Jenny Bannister, Raggatt, Prussia, Pamela Usanto, Estelle Deve, Kathryn Beker, Henson and Lisa Taranto soon followed, in that I’d describe as a vivid mix of 90’s pop, grunge and rave. Many of the designers had custom-made original pieces for the night, to walk alongside re-worked outfits donated or sourced from Prahran Mission’s op-shop and renewed by Whitehouse Institute’s design students. Overall it was a little a little bit Nirvana, a little bit Madonna with a sprinkling of bindis and neon lipstick for good measure. Thumping drums, dancers and Kit Webster’s brilliant projections (seriously fashion people, hire him now) ensured [A]Wear maintained the authenticity of a grassroots fundraising event. Meanwhile tasselled earrings, heavyweight bangles, sequinned catsuits and revamped bomber jackets made certain guests shopped with the fervour of a mid-year clearance in the resulting pop-up shop.

[A]Wear was a fundraiser for the Prahran Mission, specifically highlighting the relief and rehabilitation they offer to many young people with mental illness.

Photography – Andrew Gan

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