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Sneak Peek: Tony Bianco Shoes Spring/Summer 2012-13 collection

So I wasn’t intending to share this collection after visiting Tony Bianco‘s showroom last night, rather hoping to do “research” for upcoming projects (read: composing a mental shopping list of my own). That changed the moment I walked into the foot fetishist’s nirvana that was. Platforms, wedges and chunky soles of seasons past can be stored for posterity; strappy and sleek is the shape for the season. My ankles are quaking at the thought. Metallic accents (spikes, heels, armoured plating), glitter and femininity abound. I also hear model Bambi Norwood-Blythe is returning as the face of the label’s Summer campaign. Here’s your first look at a few selected styles from Tony Bianco’s Spring Summer collection.

My kind of ruby slipper.

Capturing the pastel trend for the upcoming season; I’ve always had a soft spot for lilac/lavender.

Seriously considering this black and gold number; if I can convince myself I can pound Melbourne’s pavements in them.

4 Thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Tony Bianco Shoes Spring/Summer 2012-13 collection

  1. Love the pale blue/cream and gold with spikes, and the yellow. When will these be in store?

  2. July/August I believe – saw the entire summer collection last night so there should be multiple drops I expect.

  3. A killer collection! Great pics.


  4. I thought so too Michelle. Just very easy to wear shoes for any outfit. Don’t even really have to think too hard when selecting a pair (or five) for summer season.

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