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Florals for Autumn / Winter

Who says florals are sole domain of springtime? I’ve been more enchanted by the relationship between flowers and fashion since the live floral adornments at Nevenka’s recent fashion festival show and this shoot on Fashionising. Though it seems many Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia attendees are already bemoaning the prevalence of the floral trend (“again?!” they cry) for next season, I don’t think my enthusiasm will ever wane. So last week I wandered into Megan Park’s Armadale boutique for tea, sweet things and a rather civilised floristry workshop. Florist Karen Rose (yes, that is her real name; your word of the day is “aptronym”) taught me how to make a simple posie like a pro. Ms. Rose proved the process to be less than intimidating;

Start with lots of different flowers, foliage and even hardy fruits (mounted on sticks) or herbs from the market.

Gather several pieces of foliage together in your hand to act as a base.

You can then start adding flowers and other delightful thing to the gaps.

Remember to remove any lower leaves so you have a clear stem to work with.

Try to criss-cross the stems rather than holding them up straight as it makes a better shape and is easier to hold.

Look to create a dome-like shape, so the middle of your posie is slightly higher and it drops gradually out from there.

Pause occasionally to look at it from the top to find any spaces that need to be filled, or sides that need to be balanced out.

Keep going until you are happy with the size, trim the stems to the same length, then tie with string.

Wrap with paper (we used old dressmaking patterns) as you would fish and chips if you left the top open.

Add ribbon or any decoration you like, such as vintage playing cards as gift tags.

Ms. Rose has also helped to create the impressive, oversized flowers (again, out of dressmaking patterns) for an installation in Megan Park’s windows for the season.

My finished posie.

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  1. Very nice! Great ideas! I love the photos!

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