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Art Melbourne 2012

It’s nice to dip into the world of art occasionally, as it’s (sometimes) more cerebral than fashion. Yet I still find myself drawn to similar themes that are presently occurring in my own comfort zone; femininity, pastels, florals and dreamscapes. Trends are such a trap. Here’s a few artists and works that I think you should take time out to ponder should you find yourself in the almost overwhelming, Alice-in-Wonderland-like space that is Art Melbourne. My only super-subjective criteria being pieces that make me stop and stare or those which I would happily hang on my own walls at home.

‘Pale Ale’ by Julian Meagher at Lindberg Galleries

‘Pale Ale’ by Julian Meagher at Lindberg Galleries (above)

Illusions and pastels: Emma Hack’s ‘Mirrored Whispers’ Collection

Ladies & flora: Wendy Ng at Manyung Gallery

Hyper-realistic giant budgerigars: Leila Jeffreys at Iain Dawson Gallery

Disturbed waters that calm me: Ai Shah at Lethbridge Gallery


Art Melbourne is on until 9pm tonight, from 10am to 5pm this Saturday and Sunday only. At the Royal Exhibition Building, 9 Nicholson Street, Carlton. It’s comforting to know that I can afford (oft-times at a stretch) the pieces I really truly adore here. If you’ve already visited Art Melbourne this year I’d be interested to read which artists captured your interest in the comments below…

One Thought on “Art Melbourne 2012

  1. They have some great pieces there, although I have to say some kind of look like pre school art.

    Love the above picture, makes me thirsty 🙂

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