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Win $5000 towards your design dream

You may remember ages ago I was asked to share expert advice on my favourite places that inspire me design wise? Well that day of design discovery had now been turned into an e-book! You can read the book, titled ‘Design Destinations’ here (it looks best expanded). Five other bloggers – Chocolate Suze, Table Tonic, Butter Paper, Indesign Live, Leeloo – and myself share our tips on the best places to visit in Melbourne and Sydney. We cover food, interior design, industrial design, architecture, craft and, naturally, fashion (all while zooming around in Hyundai’s new Accent).


In celebration of the e-book and the design-focussed Hyundai Accent, Hyundai would like to help one lucky reader to achieve their ultimate design dream! Is there a course you just need to do? Some equipment you can’t get your hands on? Perhaps materials to bring your design to life? Here’s your chance to win the cold hard cash to make that dream come true. Any design discipline considered (not just fashion). All you need to do is;

1. Like Hyundai‘s Facebook page

2. Leave a comment below this post answering a) which design feature of the Hyundai Accent you like most and why? Click here to help you choose.

3. And b) in the same comment, tell me you want to help to make your design dreams come true! ie.what you’ll spend the money on if you win.

4. Be sure to keep your responses to less than 100 words, and to supply your full name and email address (hidden).

The competition ends on Tuesday 10th April.

Terms and Conditions.

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