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LMFF: Runway 4

Some of the models in Runway 4 took off their apparently unwalkable shoes. In front of Vogue editor Kirstie Clements. Quelle horreur! It happens all the time in fashion shows. Shoes are too big, too small, too slippery or really, truly too high. For me it’s a non-issue that should have been dealt with in dress rehearsals. Good on the models for taking a stand (in bare feet) for once. Let’s all move on shall we (and by “we” I mean you, tabloid media)?

So onto the clothes; Dion Lee’s usual sporty, streamlined aesthetic was lifted by fab geometric prints that were almost optical illusions. Gary Bigeni’s pixelated, polkadots also reminded me of magic eye puzzles (though maybe I’m just going cross-eyed at this stage of LMFF). Josh Goot’s inky hues were seductive, especially in the form of an embroidered leather shell top and mini-skirt combo. Therese Rawsthorne started out soft and sheer in peach and vanilla, only to move into a mix of dark painted bush prints, leather and a pop of festive pink. LMFF Designer Award winner Christopher Esber went for substantial fabrics, almost an upholstered feel. While Magdalena Velevska featured a citrus-y lime and fringing in unexpected placements. Ellery was stunning in punched-out leather cut to look like lacework and a shimmery gold – you know I can’t resist a little shimmer.

Which styles do you want to wear from Runway 4? And please don’t tell me it’s the barefoot look.


Photography by Edy Lianto

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