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LMFF: Runway 3

Gorman opened L’Oreal Paris Runway 3 and it fast became all about that onesie. The festive, pompom-hooded creation (I wouldn’t mind it as a more versatile two piece) is bound for both ski lodges and music festivals everywhere. Next up was Limedrop’s soothing palette of teal and tizzy prints. I hear from one half of the design team that they’re are opening an Autumn/Winter shop at Melbourne’s GPO this Friday! Nevenka goes graphic with star and swallow prints in black and white, alternating with a sprinkling of jewels. Friend of Mine presents a more sophisticated-but-no-less-sexy collection than usual looking to Parisian women for inspiration. Charming, quirky prints were dished up by Leonard St,; apples, fish (koi?) and nautical tinged birds all made the cut. Finally, Kuwaii’s gently draped aesthetic was punctuated with sheer polkadots and a rather large live-botanical headpiece to round out the show.

Did you see the show? How fantastic were the real floral accessories?

Softly does it on the hair & make-up look; everything is a little “un-done”.

Photography by Christos Pavlidis

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