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Whitehouse Institute of Design Melbourne Graduate fashion show 2011

The Whitehouse Institute of Design presented the collections of their 2011 Melbourne graduates this week. Hailed student of the year was Michael Mumford who boasted a palette of black, orange and grey with exquisite digital prints. Here’s are a few other budding designers that caught our eye;

Adrian Bressanutti showcased a collection of delicate maxi length garments in a palette of neutrals; the intricate appliqué detailing on each a key feature.

Alex Apostilidis presented a collection of chunky knitwear pieces layered with beautiful flowing silks and muted hues.

Greg Amore who says his collection was inspired by 1950’s silhouettes, the baroque period and his mother’s homeland was a polished collection of structured lines, pleating, ‘baroque green’ as he calls it, mixed back with creams and injections of gold foil.

Skip a decade and Nancy Coffey’s psychedelic prints are inspired by the ‘acid trips of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Her digital prints are ‘a mash up of psychedelic artworks’ from the era.

Ashleigh Bingham’s sports luxe collection with a predominant palette of neon green and marled grey was inspired by ‘what motivates people and what motivate people to be active.’ Her intricate braided back dress proved a success after hours of trying to find balance due to the weight of the fabric through the back.

We look forward to seeing these graduates out amongst the local fashion industry in years to come.







Photography – Tim Turnbull

Words – Taylor Kelly

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