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Style Spy: Topshop Melbourne opens on Chapel Street

So Topshop happened.

After the London juggernaut opened their first Australian store in Melbourne (at the Jam Factory on Chapel Street) last night I almost feel like I could just leave it at that opening sentence. Most Melburnians who have even the slightest gravitation towards fashion knew this day was impending and social media in particular has been buzzing for weeks; “Topshop is (finally) coming”.

Well it is here. What more can I say that hasn’t already been said, written or shrieked to a friend over the phone? As one lady waiting in the fitting room queue with a handful of garments bubbled “I’m in TOPSHOP!”. Beyond the hype the opening party was sparkling as were half the pieces on the racks it seems. Glitter is a welcome trend this season (I like frivolity).

As expected there’s lots that’s easily buyable and wearable. I imagine that – when not filled with hundreds of people – it will be quite a spacious and friendly space in which to shop. Topshop seems to be really skilled at providing a little something for everyone without being schizophrenic and fracturing their look. I’ll definitely visit again once the crowds die down (this little black duck does not shop well under pressure). Probably by that time A/W 12 will be due.

Here’s what Melbourne’s industry wore to the opening soiree.








Photography – Naomi Rahim

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