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one hundredth gallery

There’s a theme of bravery and renewal built into the freshly painted white walls of curator Charles Hardman’s new gallery titled one hundredth. In synchronicity with his wife (Bento fashion designer Samantha) Hardman left a high-flying yet desk-bound career to pursue his creative dream. Now a reality, one hundredth gallery facilitates others in doing the same by showcasing accessible pieces by emerging artists.

All but two of the 10 artists in the group opening exhibition (open now until June 29th) have given up their full-time “day jobs” to be creative.  Presently the paintings and photography of Brian Mangano, Janicke Johansen, Michell Guo, Mark Hammon, Wolfgang Glowacki, Pete Goodlet, Mark Harman, Kylie Mouat, Kate Hursthouse and Charles Hardman himself line the walls, with a view to exhibit other art forms such as drawing, sculpture, installations, film and even fashion in future.

Visit one hundredth gallery at 49 Porter Street, Prahran (just off Greville St).

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