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Video: Rising 5

Just had to share this video posted recently from the Rising 5 fashion exhibition. I first encountered 3D photographer Mark Ruff’s images featuring designs by Madame Virtue, Richard Nylon, Lui Hon, the Di$count designers, Ellison, Dhini, Metal Couture & J’Aton at LMFF 2011. It’s rare to see three dimensional fashion photography (sans having to wear funny glasses) but it’s a medium I really think suits the industry. Apparently the expense is quite prohibitive, but how stunning would it be to see one gorgeous multi-story high 3D photograph out the front of some luxury launch? The Rising 5 exhibition – which really must be seen to be believed – has since traveled to NSW.

Rising 5 from Parallel Distortion.

One Thought on “Video: Rising 5

  1. whoaaa!
    I wish I could’ve seen this in person – I remember you talking about it and gosh even as a clip it’s amazing – let alone to see it in person. wow. what will they think of next?

    do the models have to wear the clothes or could this be applied in retail – input image/dimensions of customer and then they can see what clothes look like on them? ok I’m getting carried away but for those times you feel too lazy to try something on or from the comfort of your own home… wow!

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