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No Home Premieres

The sound emanating from ACMI’s cinema on Tuesday night was that of popping champagne corks rather than the rustle of Fantales’ wrappers as No Home premiered a series of 14 short films with a focus on fashion for LMFF. The production value of each short was brilliant especially considering I heard from some of the film-makers that they only devoted two or three days to produce their work for this mini film fest.

Presenting film ranging from what were essentially cinematic collection lookbooks to full-on narratives; No Home left me wondering about the direction of fashion films. Should their merits be considered as every other film, should the fashion be the focus or should it play a supporting role? At a stretch, are fashion films going to emerge as an entirely new genre?

The films that left an impression on me personally were;

-‘Stardust’ by designer Alexi Freeman and director Tom Blachford. Think Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ music video with WAY more glitter!

-Upper Left Arm’s absolutely charming love story ‘My Boyfriend’s Unreal’. It left you with a smile and knowing exactly where this debut label was coming from.

-The simple entrancing rhythm of ‘Level’ by Above with Adam Murfet & Jessie Oldfield.

A remix of the No Home films will be screening at the Penthouse Mouse opening from this Friday and a few of the No Home stable have been popping up online to watch already. If you want to delve deeper into the realm of fashion on film there are a couple more filmic LMFF events to consider; FASHIonFILM and the ACMI’s Fashion Models on Film program. Check out some of the designers, film-makers and cinema-goers at the premiere of No Home in our gallery below…

No Home premiere at LMFF

No Home premiere at LMFF

No Home premiere at LMFF

Happy snaps by Chris Moore
Stardust still courtesy Tom Blachford & Alexi Freeman

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