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Young Hunting presents Cavallo collection

Welcome to the wonderfully whimsical world of Melbourne designer, Candice Agius and her jewellery label Young Hunting. Using sustainable fibres and precious metals, Candice successfully breathes life into her latest collection, Cavallo. A salute to the theatrical realms of childhood fables and fantasies, Agius’ unisex jewellery line Young Hunting is a celebration of rare, one of a kind pieces “It will always be an expression of me, not current trends” says Candice.

Exploring the nature of dark and depressing themes, Candice is a credit to local and independent jewellery design. Her hand-made, high quality pieces are both expressive and unusual, generating positive reviews Australia wide and internationally. Refreshingly, her passion does not lie in a monetary reward or recognition. Instead, Agius wonders if her pieces will be passed down from generation to generation, “I fantasise about being that anonymous designer. I wonder who will be wearing my pieces in 100 years time.”

Young Hunting redefines the term unique in a marketplace saturated with fast fashion. Her imaginative and inquisitive nature remains strong with the release of her latest designs. Having worked more than six months on previous collection Fata Morgana, Cavallo (pictured below) was an experimentation that panned out to be a success. Candice is currently working with .925 silver, jet and quartz crystals, onyx, garnet and oxidized black metal. If you would like to don one of Candice’s signature designs and own a limited edition piece of Young Hunting, visit Trimapee, LIFEwithBIRD or Chiodo.

Pretty prose by Natarsha Kershaw

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