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Free Jeans!

Are you one of those denim-philes who simply lives in their beloved jeans? Would you like a free pair custom-made especially for you by Nobody? Of course you would!

The only catch? You have to wear them five to seven days a week without washing them for three months and undergo three video interviews about your experience. But you could be part of a project that leads to bringing about social and environmental change in the process which should give you as good a feeling as slipping into your new favourite jeans.

As part of her Master’s thesis, the lovely Tullia is looking at the environmental impacts of fashion and has thus far discovered the washing, drying and ironing (luckily I do. not. iron.) are the biggest detrimental factors.

If you’d like to be involved or just want to know more please email

I promise you will totally look as hot as Kate Peck and Silvana Roman in your Nobody jeans

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