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Curator Jason Lingard has amassed a collection of  around a dozen pieces for the Con/Struct fashion and art exhibition as part of the Midsumma festival.


Fashion designers and artists Matthew Burgess, Anthony Capon, Emman Debattista, Young Sun Han, Nicholas Harmer, Elwyn Murray, Adam Nash, Glen Prentice and Aden Warrington have produced clothing, photography, paintings, sculpture and other visual works exploring the facade of fashion, costumes and whether they have any inherent meaning.


I tend to think the majority (not all) of fashion designers don’t impart meaning into their designs other than superficially and that it works so you can wear it. And as wearers there may not be a lot of meaning (for many of us, again exceptions apply and anyone reading this is more likely to find meaning in their wardrobes) in our everyday clothes but certainly we all still have ceremonial pieces for certain occasions. Think ties for that big interview, stilettos for a date and – the ultimate symbolic thing you might wear – a wedding dress.


I also think putting on an art exhibition about fashion having/not having meaning then automatically imbues any piece with new meaning and we suddenly get all meta and my tiny little mind is blown. Also, there’s a bedazzled spider….


Take a peek for yourself at Pigment Gallery Level 2, Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St (corner Flinders lane) until Saturday February 5th.

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Fab photos by Victoria U.

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