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Muther of All Things debut

muther of all things swimwear debut

I have a confession to make. I don’t like the beach. I’m cursed with fair skin that freckles instantly with the sun’s kiss and seaweed kind of freaks me out (crabs could be hiding in there…or tiny sharks). In a pinch I can do tropical beaches where the warm water means you can wade straight in without gasping shrieks from the chill. Mostly though, my issue is with the torture device that mother nature invented called sand. That stuff is impossible. Give me a pool any day.

muther of all things swimwear debut

That said, I do like the idea of the beach and now there’s one more sea-themed thing for me to warm to; the “wet fashion” by new label Muther of All Things. Muther of All Things is borne from the collective minds of Byron Bay locals Marisa Sidoti and Joceline Godfrey. They debuted their first collection ‘Facets of She’ at their good friend and artist David Bromley‘s studio last week. Bromley also created one of a kind surfboards for the occasion. In his improbable studio wonderland, Muther of All Things showcased their concept of what swimwear should be alongside brilliant Nga Waiata timber jewellery and Andrews Sisters style hats by Kerrie Stanley.

muther of all things swimwear debut

Their label is a unique combination of practical designs including rash vests and wetsuit-inspired pieces that you can swim and surf and play beach volleyball in yet has the chic appeal of designer resort wear (you know the kind where the only thing you can do while wearing them is to recline in a banana lounge). Most of all Muther of All things is thoughtful. With women firmly in mind, the aforementioned rash vest no longer has a high constricting neckline. Instead they feature a flattering V neck. Wetsuits have transformed into sexy catsuits. Bikinis are designed to stay put and bring in elements of lingerie to flatter the derrière.

muther of all things swimwear debut

Muther of All Things also design their own prints. A signature diamond print (also their logo) symbolises what the label is about: being multi-faceted, strong, possessing longevity, being from the earth, preciousness etc. Also catching my eye is a shattered diamond print and a coloured tile print. Yet I’ve fallen for a piece that sums up Muther of All Things’ ‘fashion you can wear in or out of the water’ philosophy succinctly. Their ‘Frankie Wetjacket’ is a biker-style jacket fashioned from wetsuit material with chunky zip details (motorcycle chic + surfer style = hot). And yes, I intend to wear that one far removed from the water.

muther of all things swimwear debut

Fab photos by Brent Thyssen

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  2. Alison on October 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm said:

    they have just launched a 2011 collection with a music video to go with this too!
    2nd in the series:
    3rd in the series:

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