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“The Hunted” by Hopeless lingerie

Something wicked this way comes… Some of the most consistently unique and undeniably sexy lingerie designs I’ve seen come from mind of Hopeless lingerie designer Gabrielle Adamidis. She previously garnered much of her inspiration from flicks like Alice in Wonderland and Breakfast at Tiffany’s but lately has taken a darker turn towards 80’s horror movies like Jaws. This fourth collection entitled ‘The Hunted’ is based on the Evil Dead films. I’m a little scared but still in lust.

It’s refreshing to see a designer whose imagination takes them so far away from literal interpretations. Coming from such a demented blood and gore basis, the pieces are unexpectedly luxurious in velvet, silk and chiffon. Some of the pieces takes hours upon hours for Gabrielle to make. Bloody gorgeous.

ashley camisole and knickers

cheryl bra

shelly knickers

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Photographer – Jo Duck
Model – Lulu Wagstaffe
Make Up & Hair – Sarah Lea Cross
Assistant – Dominique Adamidis

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