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Ritson Art Scarves

For those of us that really adore fashion, we might be lucky enough to have one or two coveted, treasured pieces in our closets that we can truly consider works of art. Yet artist sisters Julia and Joanne Ritson have taken this idea to the next level creating a series of super-limited edition scarves that feature their works.

Coming from a family of artists, the Ritsons have known designer Teresa Liano “for about a million years” since they were neighbours in the early 80’s. Thus T.L Wood‘s Chapel Street boutique set the scene to show off the new scarves. Julia’s works feature graphic block of colour while Joanne’s are a contrast utilising more abstract freeform shapes. The designs begin life as paintings first and then are traslated onto silk.

You will be looking at a few hundred dollars per scarf but when you think of yourself as a mobile art gallery that’s not so steep. Or do as I am tempted to do and frame your most beloved design for your fashionable walls.

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